The Official International Fan Club is celebrating its 25th anniversary

The Official International Fan Club is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a spectacular ABBA Weekend from Friday, the 1st of April, to Sunday, the 3rd of April.

On the first day of the ABBA Weekend, Friday, there is going to be a Swedish buffet with entertainment by Katja and Camilla, better known as Waterloo and famous for their work with ABBA The Show. We have prepared a music quiz, and the evening gives you a chance to catch up with your friends (and make new ones) before the rather busy Saturday.

The main day is, as always, the Saturday with the big record and memorabilia fair, a disco that runs till midnight and quizzes and contests with more prizes than ever before. To mark the occasion, we have invited a number of special guests for you who will do interviews, on-stage presentations, exhibitions, tell you about their work with ABBA and/or play you some music:
Görel Hanser – the vice President of Polar Music, who today is Björn and Benny’s right hand and still very much in touch with all the former members of ABBA;
Bubi Heilemann who took many of the most iconic ABBA photos;
Janne Schaffer who played the guitar on most of ABBA’s records;
Ulf Andersson, best known for his sax solo on I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, but who also toured with ABBA.

On Sunday, we meet at the cinema to watch ABBA The Movie on the big screen.

The 25th anniversary celebrations are continuing throughout the year in the magazine that all members of the Official International ABBA Fan Club receive four times a year.

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