Görel Hanser

Görel Hanser (née Johnsen) was born 1949 in Skultorp, just outside Skövde in Sweden. Görel started working at the offices of Stig Anderson’s publishing company Sweden Music and the record company Polar Music in September 1969.

After a while she became Stig’s secretary. A few years into the 1970s she had become a key figure in the organisation and acquired the title of Vice President of Polar Music.

During the ABBA years she handled the contacts with the many labels around the world who released the group’s records. She also became ABBA’s personal manager, dealing with the press and accompanying them on their tours and promotional trips. In the process, she became a personal friend of the individual members as well.

After ABBA’s break-up, Görel continued working for Sweden Music and Polar for a few years. In 1987 she started her own company, Music & Artist Service Görel Hanser. She and her staff are mainly occupied with handling the practical details concerning Benny’s work, including the Andersson/Ulvaeus musicals. On behalf of Björn and Benny she also handles all questions concerning ABBA-related business.

In 2018, Görel received a Swedish Grammis Award for her work with Stikkan Anderson and ABBA over the years.

Visit Görel’s website (in Swedish), Music & Artist Service Görel Hanser AB

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