ABBA releases new music game: ”ABBA Lyrics Challenge”

On Wednesday 21 December, Singbox will release a new ABBA game “ ABBA Lyrics Challenge” that will allow players to enjoy their favourite songs and videos while (trying to) fill in the blank space for the missing words in the lyrics on the smartphone display.

ABBA Lyrics Challenge will be bundled into the ABBA Singbox app. Those who already have ABBA Singbox get the new Lyrics Challenge for free, simply by updating the application. For those who haven’t got ABBA Singbox yet the application can be bought for USD 0,99 in App Store including both games and 4 songs.

About ABBA Singbox and ABBA Lyrics Challenge
ABBA Singbox is a music driven gaming concept around ABBA, giving the user a closer connection to the group and a new way of experiencing their vast catalogue.

At the core the Singbox focuses on gaming around singing performance. The user’s singing is measured on pitch and timing ten times per second and compared to the original vocals of ABBA, all while watching the original videos. All pitch and timing data is accumulated into a score, which the user can share with friends and challenge them, post to Facebook, and enter competitions.

The app comes bundled with four songs [Dancing Queen, Eagle, Knowing Me, Knowing You and Take a Chance On Me] and a number of additional songs are available for purchase.
Lyrics Challenge
The ABBA Singbox Lyrics Challenge is a new game included in the ABBA Singbox application. The game tests your lyrics skills as well as your reflexes and eye to hand coordination. This game is played without singing, expanding the game to be used in places where you maybe don’t want to sing – the subway, the bank, in cafes or in the street.

The game is as simple as addictive – fill in the blanks – we have extracted random words from the text and as they are sung you shall press a button corresponding to the missing word. You score is based on timing. As with the singing game the score can be used for challenges, high scores and competitions with friends globally or over Facebook.
How to play 
On the start screen of ABBA Singbox choose game mode “Sing” or “Lyrics Challenge”. Then you select your song or browse the available purchases.
Then select long or short version of the song as well as the level of difficulty, where HARD has a tighter timing window where scoring is possible and more blanked words.
Playing the game the lyrics are shown in a incoming stream and blanked words are replaced by graphical blocks. When the blank word block comes up you press the button with the word you know/believe is about to be sung given you a maximum score of 500 points.
At the end of the song you are presented to your final result and grade. From this view you can share your score on Facebook, with friends and post it to the global scoreboard.

Download the app here:

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